NER Series


1.Large transmission capacity Greatly increased torque relative to previous series enables smaller sizes. 2.Easy handling The disks and spacers have been structured as a single unit(center unit), eliminating on-site disk assemble work after centering. Can be installed/removed just by the bolts between the center unit and hubs. 3.Large bore diameters The use of a center unit enables larger maximum bore diameters than other models. 4.Backlash-free, long service life NER Series models have no backlash and high torsional stiffness, making them ideal for servomotor-based positioning equipment. No sliding parts, enabling long-term use without lubrication. 5.Wide range of options Support a wide range of options such as reinforced plastic spacers, shaft coupling in Power-Locks, and flange attachments. 6.Environmentally friendly Comply with the regulation on hazardous substances in RoHS directive.